Scrapebox != Spam: 7 White Hat Uses For Scrapebox

Scrapebox is a piece of software with a seriously bad rep in the industry.

You only need to take a browse through any of the popular white hat SEO forums to see what I mean. Drop in the S bomb and watch their faces screw up and their bums clench tight (maybe not so much with the watching on that part though).

Scrapebox seems to have become a byword for spam over the last couple of years. I remember when I was first starting out in SEO, and everyone told me how risky and damaging Scrapebox was. To the point where I avoided even booting up the software to find out for myself. I just blindly went along with the hype and the general consensus of opinion which was being repeatedly drilled into me.

But this was one of the biggest mistakes I could have made, and a hugely important lesson that any SEO has to learn at one point or another. Never believe the hype!

The truth is there’s a hell of a lot of BS getting thrown around in SEO. I’m not going to get into the whole black hat vs white hat debate. That’s a whole other discussion for a whole other day. All that this post is about, is showing you the truth about what can be done with this awesome piece of software, and opening your eyes to the time saving possibilities.

1)      Find the REAL PR – Fake PR Checker is a free add on which is available for all scrapebox users, and helps you make sure that the toolbar PR has not been tampered with in any way. This is becoming a major problem for SEOs who are looking for potential link targets, and checking for fake TBPR is time consuming. With this cool add on, all you will need to do is import a big list of all of the link prospects that you want to check, hit go and let to tool do the rest.

2)      Get your links indexed, with the Rapid Indexer add on. This little feature is worth its weight in gold, and it surprises me how underused this particular add on is. The fact is you can build as many backlinks across as many tiers as you like, but if those links are not indexed in Goolge, then they are all completely worthless. So rather than spending money on expensive monthly subscription fees for Linklicious or the like, you can now get your hands on this free add on which will work at getting those links indexed for you. It works by going out and submitting your links to various whois and statistics sites. This puts your links out there on domains and pages that are already indexed and cached in Googles index, and means that big G are far more likely to come across your site naturally (which is always better than pinging). You can upload url’s to index in bulk, or tackle them one at a time if you’d prefer. All of this makes this add on an absolute must have in my opinion. TIP: The key to making this add on work for you is the list of “Indexer Service” sites you load into it. Your “Indexer Service” sites list is basically the massive list of whois sites, statistic sites etc that you load into the tool. The more of these you load in, the more chance you will have of getting your links crawled and indexed. By default the add on comes with a list of 2,500 sites for you to go at, but there are plenty of places out there where you can grab bigger lists than that. Just have a Google around and you’ll find plenty of them available.

3)      Keyword research made easy – Keyword research is obviously one of the most important parts of any SEO campaign, so any tool or service which help to improve and refine our approach is something which we will all embrace. Yet, surprisingly, some people still don’t! The problem with most of the popular keyword research tools out there is that they only pull keyword suggestion data from one source (usually the Google Adwords keyword tool). But while that is great, it often doesn’t give us the full picture. The Google Adwords Keyword Tool for instance will only chuck out 100 different suggestions at a time. This makes collecting all of your potential keywords very time consuming indeed. The keyword scraping tool in Scrapebox gives us a great alternative. This tool will go out and scrape potential keywords from various different sources across the web.

You can then take this HUGE list of keywords, load them into your favourite keyword analysis tools like Traffic Travis or Market Samurai, and get down to analysing search volumes and competition as you normally would. This one add on alone repeatedly saves me enough time and hassle to more than pay for the cost of the Scrapebox subscription outright.

4)      Using Scrapebox to get backlink data. If the site you’re looking at has a relatively small number of backlinks going into it, and you don’t want to take out an ahrefs subscription then this could be the answer to all of your prayers! This awesome little function will give you the details of up to 1,000 backlinks to any url you want to throw at it. Bear in mind that if your url has more inbound links than that, you’ll probably need to head over to one of the dedicated backlink retrieval tools and get yourself signed up there. But for those of you just starting out, this is a great place to begin.

5)      Keep tabs on your websites ranking over the life of your SEO campaign. OK, I’ve got a quick confession to make before I get into this one. This involves the use of a premium plugin for SB, which will set you back an extra 10 bucks. With this plugin you have the ability to monitor your websites performance in the SERPs across a range of keywords and phrases. You can use it to produce graphs which show how your rankings have fluctuated, and to track rankings in specific countries. Don’t get me wrong, this is quite a decent feature and it’s handy to have, but to be honest guys, I’d probably avoid it. I know it’s only $10 and it’s nice to have everything in the same place and easy to use, but I’ve always used free rank checker programs like Rankerizer without any complaints.

6)      Track down high value, highly targeted niche sites to guest post to. Next to posting out massive amounts of blog comment backlinks, this is one of the most popular uses for the Scrapebox tool kit. With the cleaver use of a few custom footprints, you can use scrapebox to “scrape” or “harvest” a big list of a particular type of site in a particular niche. You may want to find a list of all of the blogs which have posts related to the dessert industry for example. You could then check the PR of all of the urls which Scrapebox finds which meet your criteria. Then grab the highest PR ones, load them up in your browser and get to work contacting the webmasters and sourcing for guest post opportunities.

7)      Steal your competitors backlinks. Well, we’ve saved the best till last here folks. SB is a true powerhouse piece of software and an absolutely essential tool in any online marketers arsenal in my opinion. With the link extractor, you can enter a url and pull down a list of your competitors backlinks. You can then take this list of live backlinks and perform a PR check on the links and organise them so that the highest PR sources are grouped together. This then gives you a prioritised list of domains that already link to your competitors. So why should you care? Well, if these sites are already linking out to your competitors then that clearly means that they think that the information on your competitors site is something which their readers will find useful. By extension, they would therefore find the information on your website useful too. So start loading up these urls (highest PR ones first) and contacting the webmasters to get your link published as well. Remember, you don’t have to have a ridiculously powerful backlink profile in order to pull that sweet number one spot. You just have to be better than everyone else. So if you can cherry pick the best links from all of your competitors and add them to your backlink profile, then you’re already well on the way to SERP domination.

So don’t believe the rep guys. No piece of software is outright black hat or white hat. It’s all about how you use it, and how you choose to apply the features that the software has. The truth is, SB is hugely powerful and is an investment which is worth every penny in my opinion.

And because we’re a generous folk here at Matts Backpack, we’ve arranged a bit of a treat for you all. An exclusive and heavily discounted price of just $57! That’s a whopping saving of $40 off the standard price.

Don’t say I never treat you guys :P

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