Stuff I’ve Read This Month – September 2013

I regularly get emails from you guys asking what blogs/websites I read to keep up to date with what’s going on in the ever changing world of inbound marketing, and who I follow to try and stay ahead of the curve.

So with that in mind, today is the day when I lift the lid and reveal all.

This is the first time I’ve published a post like this, and I plan on making it a regular thing (assuming you guys would like to see that happen anyway). Every month I’ll be publishing a round up of what I’ve been reading and whats been going on.

Hopefully I’ll do a slightly better job at sticking to this one than I have managed to do with my monthly progress reports!


What I’ve been reading this month

Forum legend GodOverYou saw his blog following go pretty crazy this month when he briefly took over with his latest post on Penguin 2.0 recovery tactics. If you’ve been hit and are desperately trying to break out of it in time for the next refresh, this one’s definitely worth a read!

Jacob King teamed up with Charles Floate and Chris Dyson in an epic 9,000 word Scrapebox tutorial that’s been months in the making. I’d also recommend checking out his post on how to use social signals to bipass the EMD penalty (you know, the one that’s not really a penalty but actually is a penalty) and make a brand name out of any keyword you like.

And while you’ve got your black hats on you could check out the Moz ranking experiment that yielded some pretty crazy results.

My buddy and ex-colleague Colin Docherty kicked off his blog this month with his first post, looking at the current state of the SEO industry and reminding us all of the need for careful onsite optimisation.

I saw a great example of the exact reason why guest posting is fucked. If you’re guest posting on scale, and particularly if you’re posting on blogs with jack all to offer other than link metrics it might be time to wake up and smell the coffee. On the other hand if you want to do it properly and pick up some posts that actual humans are going to read, you might want to check out my post where I show you how I get my guest posts published on major websites every time.

While we’re talking guest blogging, here’s a great guide for what to look for in a site before you request the guest post.

I’m not usually one for webinars or video posts, but this one from Glen at Viper Chill where he talks about how to use Flippa to get your hands on a massive amount of SEO case studies was kinda cool.

If you’re doing SEO for an ecommerce site then Jon Cooper has some cool and unusual tips for beefing up your category pages.

Churn and burn style black hat SEO is everywhere at the moment, and if you enjoyed my post explaining how it works in the “unsecured loans” niche, you’ll like this one about the gambling niche too.

I also saw one of the best robots.txt files ever, this month. Amazing.

And finally, this post over on Moz highlights the importance of the HREFLANG tag if you’re working on an international SEO campaign. Turns out it actually does work!


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